Love from Scotland

You never know what kind of weather you will get in Edinburgh, Scotland. (credit: Ale Lamarque)

Hey, readers! My name is Ale, and I’m a second year at UC Merced. Since I’m a Political Science major, I decided I wanted to work with a parliament and have had a great time doing so in the Scottish Parliament. You can read about my adventures below!

Have you ever left your house in a hurry, 10 minutes before class, with only a light sweater on? You see, after having been in Edinburgh, Scotland, since late December, I should expect indecisive weather. But since I am a Californian, I left my flat and got to my class at the UC Centre at the University of Edinburgh with time to spare and fairly warm.

The problem started when I got out of class. I had some errands to run before going to the Edinburgh vs. Zebre rugby game, so I went about in the city in the light sweater I’d put on that morning.

Then it started to rain.

I do have to say that the rain isn’t like Merced rain. The drops are bigger and it just feels overall more wet (that’s why we wear coats in Scotland, not light sweaters). I looked up in the rain as if I were in a movie, and I couldn’t help but smile, because even freezing cold in the rain, the capitol city of Scotland was as beautiful as ever.

Tip: Channeling my inner Boy Scout: Always be prepared!


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