Sun showers make the world better

Today was an interesting day for canvassing in the Ben MacPherson campaign. First things first: Canvassing is not so much like precinct walking, but much more about taking polling information from constituents. It’s done to help with the next election and see where the party has support.

In the middle of it, with the sun out, it started raining. And let me tell you, a sun shower while canvassing is magical, because you get to meet Scots who are interested in the politics you’re talking about, and they offer you a cup of tea. I think experiences like those are what makes Scotland great. You have people who are nice, no matter what the circumstance. Not to say it doesn’t happen in the States, but it is less likely in my experience.

TIP: Always wear water-repellent shoes, because it might rain. Converse won’t cut it. Trust me.

AL.2016.04.05 canvassing
Canvassing in a sun shower! (credit: Ale Lamarque)



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