There are Europeans, and then there are Italians …

Most know that Italian culture is different from American culture, but what a lot of people don’t know is that Italy is a lot different than other European countries.

The humorous video below shows how very different Italians are from the rest of Europe. I have been told by locals, as well as my professors, that rather than being insulted by the video, Italians actually laugh at it just as much as everyone else because it is so spot on! In fact, this video is shown to all UC students at the Cultural Orientation so that we aren’t too shocked when we experience this first-hand (which we all have, by the way)!

Another major culture difference that Italians are rather well-known for is the manner in which they express themselves – with their hands! My Italian teacher made a joke about how you don’t really need to learn how to speak Italian, as long as you know how to “speak Italian” with your body. This will all make sense once you watch the video below.

As you can see, Italians don’t really need to speak at all, since they can communicate perfectly through hand gestures alone. I have been told that if you ask an Italian for directions, you can get to your location just by watching their hands!

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