A day in the life of school …

It’s 7 a.m., and the alarms begin to ring. Ten minutes later, they start up again until we hit snooze, and after about 20 minutes of tossing and turning and debating whether sleep is more important than school, we finally get up. For most of us who have a morning class, this is how our day begins; what happens when we leave the dorms is up to us and what we make of the day.

Just like any morning, the sun is up before any of my roommates, and I am already out of bed making breakfast. The daily routine is pretty much the same for most people who have morning classes: You wake up, then you sleep again, then you wake up and get dressed and rush downstairs and squeeze your way into the tiny tram we all take to school. And if you don’t fit in the tram, it is time to start walking! Since public transportation is widely used by everyone, it makes it rather difficult to get to places on time in the mornings, and this is why most of us leave about an hour before school starts, even though it only takes about 20 minutes to get to class.

After our uncomfortable ride on the tram,we still have to walk about eight minutes to get to school. (By the way, the building our school is housed in actually was once used as the Vatican Bank!)

Since all of our classes are three hours long, we are allowed short five- to 10-minute breaks in the middle of class. This is when many students use the chance to buy some food from one of the many small restaurants and bars in the area. You might be thinking, “Bars? Like beer and stuff?” But here in Italy, a bar is not the same thing as what Americans refer to as a bar. Here, a bar is like a small cafe that sells coffee and small pastries and maybe even sandwiches instead of beer and alcoholic beverages. It is quite common for even the teachers to come with us to buy a cappuccino, which is taken in the form of shots!.

After our short break, we return to class and finish up whatever lecture, activity or site visit we were doing. Once the class ends, you either stay at the school and do homework, hang out in the lounge, or you go home if you only have one class for the day.

EM.2016.04.12 Day of Life 1
School’s out: Time for food. (credit: Esteban Martinez)

I like to enjoy a bite to eat and a short walk to the tram on the way home, since I only have morning classes. Though I do take the same route home every day, I always eat at a different place, and there is always something new to see! Whether it be seeing street performers or simply trying a different type of pizza, the walk home is never dull!

EM.2016.04.12 Day of Life 3
There’s always something interesting to see on the walk home from school. (credit: Esteban Martinez)

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