UC family in the world

I haven’t posted recently because I got sick. As you could probably tell from my previous blog posts, it has been raining more in Scotland. Even coughing and staying in bed is cool in a foreign country.

Have you ever had the feeling where you realize with a pang that you’re an adult? Well, that was me when I got sick. It’s truly another experience to carry on being a functioning adult when you’re sick, because your family is on another continent. But the best part is that you’re part of the University of California family (I know: cheesy).

All of the UC Education Abroad Program centers have a regional office. The UCEAP Centre helps you with anything you need, and they’re great at recommending day trips. In this case, they helped me locate the closest general practitioner (GP), and helped me with what to tell them. It’s great because you still have a support system.

Sadly, while I was sick, my friend came up from London to visit me. The really great part about her is that I met her at the UC Centre trip to London. She is also a UC student who is studying abroad in London, for a year instead a semester. Sometimes, when at UC Merced, it’s easy to forget that we’re part of the UC community, and I’ve seen it very well here. We have common experiences that help us bond, and when you’re away from your family, you really need it.

Since she went out, she allowed me to give show you a picture she took!

TIP: Seek help from the UC Centre when you can. They’re so friendly and there to help!

AL.2016.04.14 edinburgh castle
The view from Edinburgh Castle




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