Finals are coming!


About a week is left before we depart from Rome and our very short chapter of our lives comes to a close. We have all made great friends, experienced epic adventures, tasted glorious food, and above all made many memories to share with our loved ones back home. But before we can begin to cry about leaving we need to face………. finals week!!!!!

It’s the time of the year where everyone is in a frenzy and the coffee is abundant. Finals week in Rome is surprising similar to finals week in Merced; the library is full, the wifi is slow due to the huge amount of people on it, everyone’s having little mental breakdowns in between classes, a few are even debating whether staying school is even worth it, and everyone’s caffeine levels are off the charts. So you get the picture!

20160420_122645 Accent Center(where we go to school) Front Desk
Accent Center  (credit: Esteban Martinez)

The final exams are more or less structured the same as at UC Merced, with a few short answer questions and essay questions. And if 3 hour finals weren’t enough to make our palms sweaty, most of the classes require some sort of research paper anywhere from 4-10 pages!

So the plan for the next few days is the 3S Plan: Sleep little, Study a lot, and Succeed!

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