Not so ancient


As we all know Rome is a very old city and has many ruins and ancient buildings, but did you know that Rome is also home to new buildings as well? One of the greatest of these 21st century buildings is the The Museo Nazionale della Arti del XXI secolo, or rather the National Museum of Art of the 2st century, MAXXI for short.


When the idea for a museum of contemporary art and architecture came about many critics believed it to be one of the most useless ideas of the time. To this day there are still many who criticize the building, saying that there is no purpose for a museum of contemporary art. Nevertheless, concepts for the museum were submitted and the winner with the current design you see now was none other than British-Iraqi Zaha Hadid. Not only is it very unique and stylish, but it is also very successful despite what critics say.

Besides its obvious distinct architecture, MAXXI is unique in every sense! As soon as you walk in the first thing you hear is a Japanese water fountain which causes you to turn and twist your head everywhere to look where the water is coming from, only to be told by the greeter that it is an illusion and that there is no water! The day we visited MAXXI as a class they were hosting an event in honor of Earth Day where they gave away free books and magazines made from recycled books. As you can see from the picture below, MAXXI has no ordinary art. Nothing about this place is ordinary, and though some might say it’s not real art, I beg to differ.

Art exhibit in the MAXXI, unknown title (credit: Esteban Martinez)

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