Arrivederci, Roma!


It’s a sad day today in Rome. After 6 weeks of studying abroad in Rome the program has finally come to a close. While most of us were very sad and homesick at first, we easily found our niche here in the Ancient City and created a sort of home-away-from-home. We all made great memories and good friends while immersing ourselves in the culture of Rome and Italy!

Though the program is over we don’t leave Rome until the 3rd of May, giving us just a few days to explore the rest of Italy. Most students have left for the northern cities such as Milan or Venice, some have even left Italy entirely to other countries such as Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland. While everyone is on a grand finale type of adventure, I find myself taking a much simpler route. I plan on spending the remainder of my days in Italy here in Rome enjoying the little things. For example a walk down the grand Tiber River, or a few dozen cones of gelato!

It’s safe to say that we have all had an experience that we wont forget. Whether we were visiting the many ancient Roman sites, basilicas, or museums we will never forget that spring we were studying abroad in Rome! I know I will definitely miss my professors and all the site visits we did!


If I were to describe Rome in a few words it would be just as the picture says, “More than meets the eye”. Though our departure from Rome is a bitter-sweet one, we have plenty to look forward to as we still have the second half of the program to do in Spain!

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