Round 2


Day one in Spain and I am currently having withdrawals from Rome. I feel the same way I felt the first day in Rome – lost and alone. Though I imagine everything will even out and return back to normal once a week or two go by.

Studying abroad is an adventure in all aspects. I assumed Spain would be simpler to live in since I am a native spanish speaker, but I was quickly hit with a news flash upon hearing the local spaniards at the grocery store refer to stuff as I have never heard them called before. Sure there are many similarities between Mexican Spanish and Spain Spanish such as agua, leche, or churros, but then you have really odd words that are completely different such as: bollo (bread roll), judias (beans), or montadito (small sandwhich)

spain arrival 2

Little by little the adjustments will kick in and everything will be normal. In Rome, after just 3 or 4 days everything seemed very familiar to me, and hopefully that happens here too! Come to think of it, it actually really sucks that once we got used to everything and knew the ways of the world of Rome we were ripped off the streets and tossed into a whole new world. Though it sucks for now, we all know it is only temporary and everything will be fine, I mean we are in SPAIN!!! So here’s to Round 2 of Study Abroad Spring 2016!

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