So far so good!


So far so good. Though Madrid is rather weird so far it has only been two days since our arrival. I say weird, but don’t forget that “weird” is something that is subjective, or in other words my opinion; and without a doubt I am sure it will change in the coming weeks.

Though I still am in Europe, I am in a different part of the continent, and while many things seem similar to Rome there are some that are mostly different. For one thing I have not seen any drinking fountains at all. Another difference is that drivers here seem to follow the rules, unlike Roman drivers which seem to swerve toward you as if to hit you. On more of the similarities side it seems most people here travel by public transportation. Another similarity that surprised me is that there are a lot of the same stores that I saw in Italy. For example grocery stores, school supplies stores, clothing stores, and phone companies.

spanish market
Entrance to a local supermarket (credit: Esteban Martinez)

All in all while it will take several days to get accustomed to life here in Madrid I am sure it will be a great adventure in every way! In fact tomorrow we will be going on an excursion to a city called Toledo. The Accent Team here has set up a day long trip for all of us which included guided tours, transportation and plenty of free time to roam around.

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