Work Now Play Later


While studying abroad is filled with plenty of adventures and great experiences it is also filled with lots of work. The key thing to remember while studying abroad is that you are STUDYING! Yes there is plenty of time to have fun, but in order to have fun one must work first, and play later.

The program here in Spain is very similar to the way the program was set up in Italy. Besides the 2 standard classes that every student is enrolled in, some students are also enrolled in a Spanish language course that helps non-Spanish speakers learn basic survival Spanish. The major difference between programs is that there is a group of about 20 students (myself included) that have an internship, and an internship course, along with the 2 or 3 standard classes. Furthermore, the entire 100+ students in the program attend classes together for about 5 weeks, the total of a quarter. Once the quarter ends the majority of the program participants either return home to the States or stay to explore Europe. Meanwhile, the 20 students participating in an internship stay another 5 weeks to continue to work finish the internship course where they learn how to be a better professional in the workforce.

While every internship is different, the program director assures us that we will learn much more than just what our specific internship requires. Some examples of the internships that we have been placed in include: think tanks, non-profit women organizations, non-profit children organizations, advertising firms, political science agencies, and civil rights organizations. I myself have been placed in a Marketing Company of sorts. More details to come on that later!

From here on out things are only going to get tougher. I imagine there will be plenty of weekends to go out on adventures and take breaks from life, but until then we must work!

College means taking breaks whenever and WHEREVER you can!

work now play later



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