Work Hard Play Hard


So a few posts back I wrote about how it is vital that one do their work first and save the fun till later once the work is done. Now while that may be true, it is also very important to take small breaks somewhere in between all the hard work and “live a little”. Between all the readings, essay writings, project planning, internship and studying there is little to no room left for breaks. Nevertheless every once in a while you need to take a break, otherwise all that stress is only going to build up inside you and make everything 10 times as difficult as it was before. So in the long run, you are actually better off if you take breaks, SMALL breaks!

When I say small break, I mean in it in terms of whatever is most relevant to you. For instance if you have terrible time management skills you probably want to set up a timer on your phone to keep yourself on time. If you are on a tight budget, allocate a set amount of money you are allowed to spend on your night out. Whatever the case may be, the main point is that a break is good, but only if it is in moderation and it does not put you behind on your work.

With that being said, everyone will have a different version of their break. It can range anywhere from staying in and watching Netflix to going out to a discoteca (dance club). Maybe you rather stay at home and read a book, or even simpler just go for a walk.  Whatever you want your break to be or to have, the important thing is that you are having fun and de-stressing yourself!

work hard play hard 1
Enjoying our break at a discoteca somewhere in south Madrid (credit: Esteban Martinez)


When it comes to taking a break in Madrid the options are pretty much unlimited. Here you can eat a variety of foods, dance to all sorts of music, and stay out for as long as you want. The other night a group of students and myself went out to enjoy a few hours out and about in the town. We started off by just grabbing a quick bite to eat at a small corner restaurant, and then from there of course we had to get dessert! After that we wandered about and ended up at a discoteca where we enjoyed the music before having to go home to our apartment.

work hard play hard 2
(credit: Esteban Martinez)

In sum, you have to work as hard as you play, it’s the only way to keep yourself alive and from going crazy.


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