No time for the gym


As I am sure you can all imagine Studying Abroad takes a lot of time. Between all the school work, internship, and planning/having adventures there isn’t really much time left. Among the many things that we don’t have time for one of the main complaints that I have heard is not having enough time to go to the gym or workout.

Working out as an essential part of life, not only does it keep you physically healthy but studies show that it can release stress, improves depression, and all together gives you a better life! Upon hearing someone complain about not having enough exercise and hearing everyone around agree I though to myself “Hmm, when was the last time I went for  a run?” So today I decided to go out and look for a park or somewhere with open space to jog. Rather than using gps to find a place for me I opted in walking until I found a place. You’re probably thinking “But why didn’t he just google it?”, and to answer your question I’ll say this: It’s called exploring and communicating with people face to face rather than staring at a screen all the time! So 8.7 minutes later and a few blocks east of my apartment, I heard dog barks and the sound of children playing. As I turned a corner I was confused at seeing that the sound was coming from what looked like the roof of a 1 story parking structure.

no gym first

As I walked up the street I found an entrance to the park where I was greeted by two dogs chasing each other. I walked around a bit looking for a field but as you can see from the picture there was no field to be found. After a few minutes of sitting and watching the dogs play I decided to leave since there was no field for me to exercise on. I started to head for the nearest exit I stumbled upon a rather odd wheel shaped thing..

no gym second
Exercise wall (credit: Esteban Martinez)

I walked up to the wheel shaped thing with a confused look on my face, I say this because an old man looked at me, laughed, and then pointed at a sign on my right that read “Adult Park: Exercise Section”. After reading the sign I looked back down at the Wall of Exercise even more confused than before. This was by far the most confusing and ancient looking workout equipment I had ever seen. They looked more like 12th century torture devices used in the Black Plague to tell who was or wasn’t a witch. As I got close to the wall to examine it I noticed there were small plaques next to each piece of “equipment” with instructions and a signature of a doctor. I attempted to figure out what exactly they said, though that turned out to be rather difficult since the plaques were old, there was tagging all over them, and they were written in different form of Spanish that what I am used to. To put it in perspective let’s say it was written in Elizabethan rather than modern English.

no gym third

After deciphering the plaques I followed the instructions to the best of my ability and began to use the equipment. After about half an hour of working out I headed back to my apartment to make some dinner. Whether those machines actually made any difference or if it was even considered exercise, one thing for sure is that I had fun! So depending how sore I wake up tomorrow will be the deciding factor if these 12th century torture devices actually worked.

no gym last


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