The Little Things


Yesterday I talked about using what seemed to me to be 12th century torture devices to workout, and today you get to hear the results! So without further ado: they worked! Believe it or not those “workout” machines worked. Spinning that giant wheel for a few minutes actually left my shoulders soar, and the rest of the equipment left most of my upper torso and arms quite sore as well. So I guess I found where I am going to be every other day for an hour.

In other news, today is actually my birthday. *cue applause*

I finally hit the big 2-0. Those who are younger than me that are reading this are probably thinking “wow you’re getting old”, and those who are older are saying “aww you’re just a baby”. Meanwhile, I am thinking “I just want a pastel de tres leches and some milk that doesn’t taste like water.” 

So far it has been a good day with all the well wishes and messages I have received saying happy birthday. Amongst the few hundred or so messages I have gotten, the question everyone is asking is “What are you going to do to celebrate!?”, and I don’t have an answer. I don’t know what I will do, but I do know what I want to do.

What I want is rather simple, all I want is her – my girlfriend. Just a simple dinner with my girlfriend along with my closest family and friends. Yeah I could go out tonight, I could go to dinner, I could have a cake, but the thing I want most is to celebrate it with those 10 people I hold closest to me.

It occurred to me earlier today that this would be my first birthday that I would not be able to celebrate the way I always do. It’s always breakfast at Norm’s Restaurant, then go to school or work, go home, then go out and have an adventure. Here in Spain I can only do 1 of those things, which is to go out. This isn’t one of those times where one would say “you don’t know how much you love something until it’s gone” because unlike most people I know very well how much I love those closest to me. So now what?

Yes I am in Europe, yes I am in Spain, yes I am in Madrid; but in the end the only thing I want is dinner with my girlfriend and friends. Some of you right now are probably saying that I should make the best of it and just go out, and I agree. I can’t complain about it because even if I did it wouldn’t help anyway. So in honor of my future wife, my family, my brothers, and my friends I will go out to dinner tonight and I will buy myself a cake, and I’ll even serenade myself if I have to!

One thing is for sure I will enjoy my day here in Spain. No matter how sad it might have started, it will end with joy and pleasure (eating cake!). So here’s to turning 20 in Spain, salud!

Photo credit: Jessica Perez

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