There are many impressive things in Spain such as famous castles, food, bullfighting, beautiful beaches and many more! One of the things that really stood out to me was the metro. The public transportation here is unlike anything I have ever seen. Everything about it is interesting; just watching all the people and the way they flow is just so beautiful and remarkable.

Compared to what I have experienced in Italy the public transportation here is a dream! I have never arrived late to work or ever experienced a delay of any kind related to the transportation itself. Unlike how in Rome the posted schedule might say your bus arrives at 12:15 but in reality it didn’t arrive till 12:45. Though the Madrid public transportation took a few rides to finally get used to how everything works it really wasn’t all that difficult. To make things even simpler the Accent staff here in Madrid provided us with a transportation pass ID card which we have to pay for every 30 days in order to have unlimited access to all modes of transportation within the regions on Madrid.

Sol Metro Stop
Sol Metro Stop (credit: Esteban Martinez)

The way in which “traffic” flows in the subway system is just incredible. It’s like watching ants carry things to their colony; as one of my fellow clasmates puts it “it’s basically organized chaos”. There is a metro stop in the southern interior side of Madrid that has 5 levels, or “stories” if you will. FIVE levels with thousands of people using it every single day. There is just no possible way for me to explain this for you to get a clear picture of seeing how perfectly organized 800 people all exit their train only to board a new one 2 floors above or 3 floors below, it’s just astonishingly phenomenal.

Another great feature is that there are just so many trains per line that there is always space to board. Unlike in Rome where you had to ride like a sardine in a can, here you can just board a train effortlessly and even have a seat to sit in!

(credit: Esteban Martinez)

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