Hola, Today in school we went on a field trip to the headquarters of one of the biggest companies in Spain – Telefónica. The international Spanish company started off as a telephone company, but as the technology rapidly increased so did the types of services the multi-billion euro company. Telefónica started off as a rather … More Telefónica

No era Penal!

Hola, Two years ago today México was eliminated from the World Cup by the Netherlands. TWO YEARS AGO! And yes, I am very much still not over it, just as the majority of Mexican soccer fans aren’t over it. The day started off like any regular Sunday. We woke up, got dressed,  went to church, … More No era Penal!


Hola, In my adventures so far in Spain, I have come to realize that Spaniards only really talk to me about 3 things: soccer, the time they (or one of their relatives) went to the US, and if the girls are more beautiful on the other side. Soccer in general is a hug sport in … More Gooooooaaaaaaal!

28 Days Later

Hola, Approximately 28 Days from now I will be setting foot in LAX. 28 days…doesn’t really seem like much at first, but when you really think about it, it can be a really long time. A lot can happen in 28 days. For example it takes 28 days days to do the following: Form a … More 28 Days Later

We Are One

Hola, Yesterday I spoke about a lot of issues in Europe, today I am here to shed a little more light on some of those issues, the biggest one being the refugee crisis. As mentioned in my previous post I have read and written extensive essays on the topic and I can easily conjure up … More We Are One