What to do?


It’s Thursday, I have no work, no school,  no priorities for today. For the first time in 4 months I essentially have a “day off”. So what do you do on a day off? Well for starters you don’t set an alarm, and in my case that means waking up at 4 pm local time.

I still can’t believe that I have no homework, readings, essays, or quick responses to do. It feels very uncomfortable and odd. For the first time in forever I have “free time”, and boy does this feel weird! For the past few hours I have done 4 loads of laundry, washed every single dish, cleaned out my closet and reorganized my bedroom. I am starting to run out of things to clean, and once that happens I am not quite sure what I am going to do.

With everyone gone, my list of people to go out with has decreased almost entirely due to the fact that there are now only THREE guys left on the program, including myself. On the plus side, everyone who left had plenty of groceries and supplies to share with us since they didn’t want it to go to waste. So now we have 4 bottles of the same exact detergent, about a kilo of onions, and a small army of condiments. We have also ended up with 8.7 bottles of shampoo and lotions. I am not sure how many showers we’re going to take from now until the end of the program, but I am sure we have more than enough shampoo.

Assorted cooking necessities (credit: Esteban Martinez)

One of the program participants who is staying for the 3rd part (Rome was first, Madrid second, Madrid Internship third) of the program volunteered to collect clothes and other useful non-perishable items to take them to a local homeless shelter. As for the perishable items, well as you can see we are all stocked up with a wide variety of assorted items.

For now I am not quite sure what my plan is for the rest of the day, but one thing for sure is that I have a busy work week ahead of me! So today I dine, and tomorrow we get back to work!


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