Oh Madrid…


This weekend was filled with nothing but good vibes and odd adventures. As I have mentioned before, the remaining 20 students in the program only have one class and their internship. Thus, we all have plenty of time to explore and really dive into the Madrid lifestyle that the regular tourist won’t ever get to see.

One of the most fun parts of the weekend was simply going to the flee market. I have been to several flee markets in California, Italy and here in Spain, yet this had definitely been one of the more unique ones. Sadly, there is just no way for me to properly explain or show you what the experience of going to this flee market is actually like, but I will do my best so that you can get a rough idea vale.


El Rastro entrance (credit: Esteban Martinez)


First and foremost the number one thing that makes flee markets unique and different, besides it location, is the people. The people and just about everything about them are what make the flee market have such a great atmosphere. Here in the Madrid flee market called Rastro, the people are phenomenal. The vendors, the street performers, the customers, everyone is just so cultured and open to new things that you just want to run around so that you can be in the front and center of all the action (which is pretty much everywhere!).

One handed Guitar player street performer who even has his own album                                 (credit: Esteban Martinez)

After the people comes the product, and let me tell you Madrid has some pretty unique product. Whether it be hand made jewelry or a Spanish waterskin (a canteen of sorts made out of sheep or cow bladder and leather) you will find whatever it is you need or don’t need!

Of course after the people and the products comes everybody’s favorite – food. With plenty of restaurants near by they make this flee market an ideal place to spend your Sunday morning. This is one thing that Rome’s flee market really lacked, but whatever; that is why we decided to spend 10 weeks here rather than 6 (take that quarter students!).

First ‘free’ weekend – done. Only 4 more to go until we depart home. Thus, we have plenty of time to enjoy the hidden gems that Madrid has to offer, and boy will we enjoy!!!

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