Business as usual..


8:07 am, The Rock Clock starts to ring. You reach for your phone to hit snooze only to find that there is no snooze button so you are forced to type in your password to turn the alarm off and you are immediately greeted with one of The Rock’s motivational messages. Today’s happens to be “Wake Up Determined, Go to Bed Satisfied”.

You check your phone to see what you have missed out on from the world that is a little more than 8.7 hours behind local time only to see that you have what feels like 1987 notifications from Facebook, Instant Messages, SnapChat, Email, and Instagram. After a few minutes of catching up you finally role out of bed and get dressed for work. You whip up a quick breakfast, usually an oatmeal with bananas, but today calls for a quick meal so you grab that vegetable smoothie you bought yesterday.

You show up to the metro stop as per usual only to be greeted by metro staff announcing to the world that today they shall hold a strike in honor of fighting for their rights for who knows what. You frantically run back up the stairs in search of WiFi so you can figure out what bus you can take to work. After you find what bus you quickly start to jog in the direction of the bus stop and hope they aren’t on strike today either.

When you get to the bus stop you see that the buses are indeed running on schedule and you jump on the next one. Once aboard you quickly find that the only seats that are available are the ones that you are not allowed to sit in…

(credit: Esteban Martinez)

After a quick double take of the bus you see no one in need of the seats so you sit. Not even one bus stop later and the entire bus is staring at you as if to say “You are one rude rude child”. You shoot them back a look which says “but there’s no one sitting here! Please don’t judge me.” 30 minutes later you finally arrive at work and to your surprise you are actually on time. As always, your ‘on time’ is not the same as the Spaniards ‘on time’, in fact your meaning of ‘on time’ is about 35 minutes earlier than theirs.

As you sit outside waiting for somebody to arrive to open up the office you have your daily chat with the building’s Portero (both the doorman and the janitor). Today’s topic: Story of how the Portero quit smoking back in the harsh December of 2000. You sit there listening and adding in a comment or two in between parts. Soon enough a coworker shows up to open up shop and you thank the Portero for sharing such wisdom with you and bid him a good day.

At work you sit there quietly doing your work. Suddenly the rest of the team shows up complaining and cursing at the heavens for such a delay of public transit today. You join in every now and then at the dismay. Soon you all take your seat and continue to work. At 11:30 on the dot, 2 of your coworkers stand up and ask if anyone would like breakfast from the local restaurant and everyone says in unison what they would like. They pretend to have heard everyone and say “Okay, we will be back, let’s hope they have everything in stock”. Moments later they stumble back in and hand everyone an order, it is not the right one, but nevertheless we are hungry so we take it. And so begins the brawl for sugar packets, stir sticks, vinegar, and salt packets since the restaurant ALWAYS gives you too much of one thing and too little of another.

The day continues and the boss arrives, doling out assignments left and right and you quickly jot down what he assigns you. As always he asks “any questions” but you are still trying to jot down everything he said and so he says “Okay good, no questions, everything is clear people lets get to work!” You think to yourself “but but I have a ques…” You know he is a great boss nevertheless. He always takes the bulk of the load and is in and out of the office getting more work and you admire him for it because he does it with such enthusiasm that spreads throughout the office.

1:00 pm and the mail man arrives and you coworker screams “Heck yea my bracelets are here!” and spend the next half hour parading around showing them off. 1:30 and everyone’s stomach joins in unison for a symphony of whale calls until someone volunteers to go for food and the boss says he’ll be back after his lunch break. They ask you if you’d like anything today and politely decline and say “I am about to leave soon its fine” and then they respond “are you sure though?” and you politely reject again. An hour and a half later its time for you to pack up and leave and so you put your computer and cables away in your officially unofficial spot. You say goodbye to everyone and tell them you’ll see them tomorrow and begin your journey home.

And so ends the tale of A Day in the Life of Work: Business as Usual..


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