Parks and Rec


Sorry to disappoint but no this post is not about the show Parks and Rec, my apologies for you Ron Swanson fans out there. This post is about actual parks in Madrid. It’s no El Dorado Park like we have in Long Beach but wow, it is really incredible.

I am from Long Beach, and as the name suggests it is a very long beach. It has the beach, and plenty of metropolitan city to go along with it. In fact, it is actually the second biggest city in the greater Los Angeles area, besides Los Angeles itself! A big city demands big or many of everything. Long Beach has El Dorado and a small army of public parks and recreational areas throughout the city, not counting the beach. Madrid on the other hand has a handful of parks and recreational areas, not counting the huge Casa de Campo.

About a week ago I ran into a small park of sorts. The park & rec area is gated all around and is divided into sections. The sections are as follows: 1600 meter track, golf field, pond/fountain, 2 soccer fields, 12 tennis courts, regular park area, workout area, picnic area, playground area, and gazibo area.

sun bath fountain.jpeg
Sun bathe fountain (credit: Esteban Martinez)

Although there is no beach in Madrid there is still a hot sun. So what do Madrileños do when there’s good sun out? They sun bathe! Well at least some do while the rest of us run away and hide in the shade or for a glass of water before we melt.

As I am sure you can tell by the extensive list of recreational areas in this park there is plenty to do! I have gone to this park about 3 times in the past 6 days and every time I go back it never ceases to amaze me. This past time I went I saw a family preparing to have a birthday party for their 6 year old princess. I also saw a couple working out together in what seemed to be some sort of partner gymnastics. All I can really say about watching them was that at some point everyone around them was just staring at them and recording them on their phones. That just tells you how amazing it was. The time before that I saw an entire family running around the track together.

Without a doubt I can definitely say that more and more I am starting to not only see the way people live here, but actually live like them, and that is just such a wonderful feeling. Though people can easily and often do detect my foreign accent they are still welcoming and invite me to play a game of soccer or challenge me to a push up contest.

This place is truly beautiful! Little by little I am indeed becoming a Madrileño!



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