We Are One


Yesterday I spoke about a lot of issues in Europe, today I am here to shed a little more light on some of those issues, the biggest one being the refugee crisis.

As mentioned in my previous post I have read and written extensive essays on the topic and I can easily conjure up those 87 pages of text, but to keep this simple I will just stick to the basics.

Right off the bat one of the biggest things we need to understand is that the impact of global poverty and conflict knows no borders and does not end at national frontiers. For this reason (and hundreds of others) refugees must be allowed to enter other countries rather than closing borders as some people have said.

So that there is no confusion allow me to explain what a refugee is. A refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their county in order to escape war, persecution or natural disaster. In fact some of the top reasons why current refugees are leaving is due to political oppression, war, poverty, family reunification, entrepreneurship, climate change, and education.

To more further grasp the issue please watch the following short video:


Remember, these are just the basics. There is sooooooooo much more to this crisis that can be explained, but that would take a whole lot more than 6 minutes, believe me! I wrote a 12 page paper just on ONE law having to do with this crisis.

As I said in yesterdays post: maybe we can’t solve the whole problem ourselves, but if we come together you can be sure we’ll make an impact!


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