No era Penal!


Two years ago today México was eliminated from the World Cup by the Netherlands. TWO YEARS AGO! And yes, I am very much still not over it, just as the majority of Mexican soccer fans aren’t over it.

The day started off like any regular Sunday. We woke up, got dressed,  went to church, and came home to watch the game. To this very day I remember what shirt I was wearing, what I was eating, and where I was sitting while watching the game. I even remember I had a red blanket on my lap as I was eating my breakfast. My whole family was in the living room watching the game, and we were all very much hyped up since A) it’s México playing B) it’s the WORLD CUP.

Here are some of the game’s highlights. Included in the video is the controversial fowl by Mexican soccer player Rafa Marquez, who allegedly fowled Netherlands player Arjen Robben.

If you ask any real Mexican fan today they will still tell you the historic phrase “No Era Penal!” (It wasn’t a penalty!). In several news coverages of the game they showed the “fowl” from various angles and came to the conclusion that though there was contact between Marquez’s foot and Robben’s foot, the dramatic fall was completely unnecessary and was in fact not a real fowl; especially not worthy of a penalty kick as the game was already tied 1-1. In other words, Netherlands stole the World Cup from México.

If México had won that game it would have gone on to face Costa Rica next and it would have defeated them as they have always done. After that they would have faced off against Argentina, and I do believe they would have beaten them too as Argentina had only been winning its games by 1 point difference. From there México would have taken on Germany themselves head on in the final where México was favored to win as they had a better line up and Germany had barely been winning their games by a 1 point difference as well.

So here we are 2 years later, and we are still not over it! We probably never will be!


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