Today in school we went on a field trip to the headquarters of one of the biggest companies in Spain – Telefónica. The international Spanish company started off as a telephone company, but as the technology rapidly increased so did the types of services the multi-billion euro company.

original phone serviced by telfonica
One of the first telephones that Telefónica provided service for (credit: Esteban Martinez)

Telefónica started off as a rather humble sized public telecommunications company and is now a HUGE world-wide company. The headquarters in Madrid boasts around 14,000 employees. The company’s headquarter is so huge that it needs its own Metro station stop.

sample office
Sample shared office (credit: Esteban Martinez)
getting off the metro
A few of us students exiting the Telefonica Metro stop as excited can be (credit: Esteban Martinez)

For a multi billion euro (NOT DOLLAR!!) company of course, you have a multi million euro headquarter. The headquarter boasts 12 identical buildings with each one being reffered to as which ever direction of the ‘campus’ it is in. For example, they have a West wing, East wing, South wing and North wing. Each wing is identical with 2 large buildings and 1 tower. Each wing holds about 3,000-4,5000 employees.

panoramic view
Panoramic view from one of the towers (credit: Esteban Martinez)

Fun Fact: The entire headquarters is referred to as a “campus”, since it looks like a university campus, and it was all built within 1 year. The construction crews worked day and night in order to complete the colossal project. Of course since we are in the era of climate change the campus also has a micro climate set up by the original architects. There is a green area in the heart of the campus, as well as a lake in the very center, and in every wing of campus there are different types of trees. For instance there are palm trees in the West wing and olive trees in the East.

little lake
Lake at the center of Telefónica headquarters (credit: Esteban Martinez)

There are only 20 days left of the program and there are 20 of us students left. 20 incredible people who took one large leap away from home in hopes of a brighter future. Just 20 more days! It’ll go slow, but once day 0 comes it will seem as if they just flew by. So here’s to finishing strong! #BobcatStrong

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