Oh Europe


The days are winding down little by little until I am back in the States, and all I can really say is “wow”. It is a very odd feeling indeed, and to be honest with you I am not sure if I should be celebrating that I will be going home soon or I should be crying because my adventures in Europe are coming to an end.

To be even more honest I still can’t even believe I am in Europe! All I know is that years from now when I am sitting in my living room with my kids all around I am going to be telling my children the story of “that one time I was in Europe”, and you know what, it is going to be epic!

I’ll be telling them the story of that one time I was kicked off a train in Italy because I had the wrong ticket. I’ll tell about when my friends and I stayed too late and not all of us could fit in the cab to go home so I had to walk 7 miles in the dead of the night. I’ll even tell them about the time I was getting yelled at in some foreign language and all I could do was stand there and take it because I had no clue what the other person was saying. I’ll tell them every and all stories I am able to remember . Well, maybe I’ll keep a few memories to myself; like the one time I swooped this ladies spot on the tram because I was running late to school (sorry!).

So many memories, so many adventures, and what really sucks is that 4 months isn’t enough time to really experience all of Europe. I have only gotten a taste of what Europe has to offer. For instance, today at work I realized that I am finally beginning to be fully accepted with all my coworkers as we cracked jokes about each other, and even our boss joined in! After a few minutes of some very good laughter I realized that come 16 days from today I will probably never see these people in my life again.

oh europe
“Ay Madre”, literally translated to “Oh Mother!” it’s actual meaning is more of “OH SNAP!”, which was my reaction to seeing there was only 16 days left. (credit: Esteban Martinez)

As sad as this might seem all I can say is: at least I got to meet them and be here. It’s just like they say “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” So let’s see what else I can smile about in these next 15 days or so (day 16 I’ll probably be crying on my way to the airport).


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