The Land Down Under

There are many things about Australia that would make people easily put Australia at the bottom of their study abroad list.

Number one would have to be,  Australia is home to some of the worlds deadliest and most venomous animals. But not only is it home to some of the deadliest animals, there’s a variety of them! There are 10,000 species of Australian spiders. Spiders. That alone, due to my arachnophobia, made me question going to Australia.

So then why out of all the places in the world, did this scaredy cat choose Australia? Because after doing research, Australia was the best fit for me, spiders and all!

I am interested in management and marketing, and it just so happens that Australia is home to the University of Melbourne; one of the best schools in the world if you are interested in business, economics, or management & marketing, which I totally am. That is why Australia was at the top of my list of places to study abroad!


University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria

From this experience I hope to learn all I can about management and marketing, adapt to their laid-back Australian culture, live in a big city, and maybe even discover a bit about myself as I step out of my comfort zone for the first time.

Can I do it despite the 10,000 variations of spiders waiting for me as soon as I step out of that airplane? I’ll keep you updated!



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