10 days. Just TEN Days until our study abroad program is over! It is truly unbelievable, we have been out here for 110 days. One hundred and ten days of fun, stress, adventures, food, and much much more. With only ten days left we are left in nothing short of a scramble!

What is a scramble? Well it is a wrestling move (sort of). The purpose of wrestling is to put your opponents back and shoulder flat on the mat in order to pin them. When one wrestler is on top of the other and the bottom wrestler is able to turn the tide around and switch roles, that period in between the switching of sides is called scramble.

The reason it is called this is because both wrestlers are literally scrambling on each other in order to get on top. Similarly, with only 10 days left we are all frantically scrambling to finish our ‘European Bucket List’ before we head back to the States.

The statue scramble (credit: Esteban Martinez)

With only 1 weekend left it’s safe to say we are running out of time. Especially since weekend long trips take at least a week to prepare for since we have to book transportation, housing, and budget accordingly. No doubt what’s going to happen is that we will be forced to pick a top 5 or top 3 things we really want to do since we are running out of time. Make no mistake the scramble is real!


With so many things still left to do I am not really sure how to even decide what my top 3 would be. Decisions, decisions… The one thing I am sure about is that I will enjoy (almost) every last minute here! The only few minutes that I won’t enjoy is having to say goodbye to my coworkers that I have grown so fond of, and of course my wonderful boss who taught me more than just how to use excel.

To them, and to everyone at the Accent Madrid Center, and of course to UCEAP I will always be grateful.


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