I’m on a boat?


I have been talking about it for weeks, and now that I am less than a week away, all I can do is gasp for air. By this time next week I will be back in same place I was 120 days ago – Los Angeles International Airport. A few days ago it seemed like the next week would take an eternity to pass by, but now I am starting to see the end of the line for my adventures in Europe and WOW is it scary.

Since the first week I arrived in Madrid back in early May I started working, and now months later without a doubt I can say that I have grown fond of my coworkers and boss just as they have with me. In fact, next Monday as my last day of work we will be going out to lunch as a group in honor of me. So stay tuned for more on that! As excited as I am to have a going away lunch, I am quite saddened at the fact that it means that I will be leaving soon.

First picture[1]
Retiro Park Little Lake (credit: Esteban Martinez)
So as you know I am from a coastal town back in California, so whenever I need to ponder or just need some ‘me time’ I always go to the beach and let the waves take my troubles away. Unfortunately, here in Madrid there aren’t any beaches…so, Retiro Park it is! As I mentioned a while back in the blog post about Retiro Park, you can rent a boat for fairly cheap; and since this was the closest to a beach as I could get, I didn’t complain.

Steps of Monument of Alfonso
Selfie in front of the steps to the monument of Alfonso XII (credit: Esteban Martinez)

So there I was in the deep ends of the Great Pond, face to face with the very steps that lead up to the Monument of Alfonso XII (that’s 12 for those of you who can’t read roman numerals!). This was no beach, but it got the job done. I missed not being able to hear any waves, but I was soon joined by ducklings attempting to quack and fish jumping out of the water!

As you can see I was very much entertaining myself (credit: Esteban Martinez)

I went into the water on my boat to calm myself and just think about all that I have been through and accomplished in the past few months that I have been abroad, and I came out of the water a lot happier than I went in.

Like I said, this was no beach, but boy did it help. I don’t know if it was the sun beating down on me, the sounds of duckling, rowing my stress away or just floating there that “fixed” me, but whatever it was I felt a whole lot better. There’s just something about the water that calms the inner beach boy in me.

My date me and my camera
Me and my lovely date – my camera (credit: Esteban Martinez)

One thing that really helped me ponder was the epic soundtrack in the background provided by local street musicians. A trumpet play, bassist, and an accordion player – three instruments that you’d think would never play together led the great soundtrack that flooded the park as far as you could see, and they played none other than Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

I have to tell you, there was nothing more soothing I could have done to calm my nervousness. So with this I conclude, 1 week is 1 week, there’s nothing I can do to slow it down or speed it up, so all I am going to do is ride with the rythm of the waves and see where they take me.

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