Old & New

I’ve only been exploring Melbourne for two days but I think that is just enough time to learn that Melbourne is an extremely unique city in Australia.

I say this because it feels like it is two cities combined into one. When exploring the city there are times when all around me there are old buildings with interesting architecture, but then I turn the corner and I’m staring at sleek new buildings and skyscrapers.

Flinders Street Station – Melbourne, Victoria


Central Melbourne District – Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne is a perfect mix of old and new, and that is what makes it so unique. I spent all day just staring up at all of the different buildings. It’s possible I may be so in awe of these contrasting new and old buildings because of my lack of prior travel experience. But I hope that once I’m a little more situated in this city that I will get to see whats inside all of these amazing and unique buildings, in this amazing and unique city. I’ll be sure to show you around once I do – so stay tuned!




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