My last Normal Day


It’s Friday, also known as my last normal day in Europe. Every day from here on out will be filled with either a great adventure or a major event. As my last normal  day here in Spain I decided to take it easy and enjoy my apartment for the entire day; not to mention various parts of my body are very much sore from yesterdays’ 2 hour adventure on a boat.

The 2 hours of “leisure” did me well for my mind and spirit, but unfortunately the same can’t be said for my body. My butt, arms, wrists, neck and back are all paying their dues for such an amazing experience. I mean, who wouldn’t want to relax under the sun listening to some wonderful music in the background and watching ducklings follow their mom, and of course have a gorgeous view like this one?

So what does one do on their day of relaxing? Well he watches an entire season of something on Netflix! As I have mentioned before, the options on Netflix found in Spain are different from those in Italy, and they are even more different than those found in the US. Not surprisingly the Spanish Netflix is loaded with shows and movies from Spain. Among those shows is the show Isabel which is a historical fiction show about the Catholic Monarchs of Spain Fernando de Aragon and Isabel de Castilla.

“Isabel the Catholic” located in the Royal Palace of Madrid (credit: Esteban Martinez)

What I love about the show is that the setting for the entire first season are the very cities I have visited and currently live in right now! So whenever there’s a scene inside a castle, palace, or a plaza I can say “Hey I was there!” It’s such an amazing feeling that I often do say it out loud to myself. It’s like if you were watching Game of Thrones, but this is way cooler since it actually happened and I was there! I hope that the U.S. version of Netflix can get the show soon since I won’t be able to finish all 3 seasons by Tuesday… or will I?

“Fernando the Catholic” located in the Royal Palace of Madrid (credit: Esteban Martinez)

Another really cool thing about watching the show is that it’s set in some really cool places. In fact my roommate got the idea to visit some of these places this very weekend! So cheers to my last “normal day” of being able to relax and enjoy my apartment. From here on out there won’t be any time to rest, that I can promise you!


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