The QV Market

After wondering and just staring at the Melbourne buildings for hours, I stumbled upon one of the most famous spots in Melbourne.

It’s home to hundreds of mini-stands selling clothes, food, and more for two entire blocks!

The Victoria Market.

Entrance to the Queen Victoria Market

Imagine a flea market or  a swap meet, now multiply that by 10! There was food, shops, live entertainment and even a nightly movie going on.

It sort of reminded me of the flea markets we have back home and because of that, it was the first time I began to miss home a bit. I wished my parents could see the QV Market, they love deals!

Endless shops lining the streets of the Queen Victoria Market

Look at me, I’m abroad just three days and I’m already missing home. Merp.

Hopefully one day my parents will get to experience the crowd, the food, and the deals that come with the market, but for now my pictures and souvenirs will have to do!



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