Vegemite and Tim Tams.

I’ve been here a very short time in Melbourne, and although I have not had an authentic Australian meal, I’ve had a couple foods special to Australia.

I have tried the ever-famous Vegemite.

Small container of Vegemite!


I wish you all could have seen my reaction.

I was warned to only put a little bit on my toast, which is what they usually eat it with, so that is what I did!

But the taste and flavor were FAR too strong. I wanted soo much to like Vegemite but it is definitely an acquired taste.. one that tasted like steak sauce and old vegetable broth to me. :\  I’m going to blame my disliking this Australian favorite, on the possibility that I may have just put too much on my toast. I will definitely give it another shot another day!

The day after I braved a taste of Vegemite, I went to an Australian BBQ where they had lamb sausage sandwiches!

Lamb Sausage Sandwich (not a hotdog!)

I  came in with the mind set that they would be like typical, American sausages, just served on a slice of white sandwich bread (I admit I do that all the time when I run out of hotdog buns). However, I wasnt informed of what was in the sausage, and once again I discovered that this Australian dish is an acquired taste.

After the lamb sausage let-down, I was pretty bummed I wasn’t enjoying any of the classic Australian foods –  until I took a bite of the all-time Australian favorite: a TimTam.

TimTams: best cookies in the world

How is it that this simple chocolate cookie is by FAR the best cookie I have ever had?!

Chocolate lovers would love these cookies, and cookie lovers would love this cookie!  I ate the packet pictured above in less than 20 minutes, and I was definitely pacing myself! 😉

Although not all the Australian food I have tried so far is to my taste-buds’ liking, I’m glad I am trying new things, just for the sake of being able to say I have tried them! After all, I think that’s definitely what studying abroad is about: trying new things.

I am sure there will be other dishes that I don’t like, however I am looking forward to the hundreds of others I will love! (Plus many more TimTams!)






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