American Accents

After being here for a week, just in the home I share I have met students from all over the world: France, the Netherlands, Poland, and Malaysia to name a few. But surprisingly I have yet to come across another American student.

While having dinner one night, a housemate of mine asked if I would like to hang out with a couple of friends she met during the welcome events last week and I said yes.

When I walked in there was definitely more than just a couple of people! I met a ton of new people from interesting places with all kinds of accents. But when I introduced  myself to the last a group of people I was definitely thrown off  by their accents, because they sounded like me!

Not only did we have the same accents, we were also from the same sunny state, California, AND we all went to UC schools! They were also a part of the UCEAP program! UC Riversice, UC Irvine, and UC Santa Barbara. This was the first time I had officially met the other UC students in my program, randomly, in my living room.

It was so cool to meet so many different people from all over the world, but it was almost even more exciting to meet people who were from so close to home. Maybe because in such a strange place it was kinda comforting to find something familiar.

We exchanged numbers, Facebook, and Snapchats, and are bonding over the familiarity of being from California, as well as exploring the unfamiliar that is Melbourne together. 🙂



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