Back in Session!

Time to get back to studying after two weeks in Melbourne.

Melbourne University is such a huge campus! In order to avoid looking like the exchange student that I was, the night before classes started I made sure too look up my class locations ahead of time. I soon realized that I had taken for granted the 5 minute or less walks to class from the library, or the 10 minute walks to class from the parking lot back at UC Merced!

I still had to pull up my map, and walk a mile, but at least when I walked up the main steps of the university, there was a nice “welcome” greeting.

Main gate entrance to the University of Melbourne

It is so easy to get lost here. So many amazing buildings, streets and walkways. I have a feeling if I am not late because I am unable to find my class, it will be because I am busy taking a picture of a cool building to share with everyone back home.

Old Arts Building, University of Melbourne.

Although summer was cut a little short for me, I am excited to learn in such a new environment! It’s definitely different than what I am used to, but that is one of the great things about studying abroad – it’s all different.

I feel like a first- year college student again!  As long as I can find all my classes on time, then I am ready for the semester!




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