Aussie Slang

At the new student orientation for my host university, they taught us everything we needed to know to survive studying a semester in Australia. How to register for subjects (AKA classes), how to navigate through the school, how to join clubs and organizations, and probably the most important one I will need during my time here: how to understand Australian slang.

They did so by showing us this very informative YouTube video!

I’ll definitely use this video as a reference! I’ve actually heard a lot of the slang from the video justΒ in the few weeks I’ve been in Australia.

Even though they are only abbreviated words, they’re still sometimes hard to understand because I’ve never heard them before, but it’s kind of cool catching a new slang word when someone talks.

Maybe some of the Aussie slang will stick with me when I go back to the States πŸ™‚

Cheers! (Theres one!)



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