Classes are called subjects in Australia. Although I am a Psychology major, I have decided to take a couple classes in Marketing while studying abroad.

My list of subjects I am taking this semester are:

  • Principles of Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Television, Lifestyle, and Consumer Culture

I am very excited for both of my marketing classes, but they are going to be a bit difficult.

Because I am in Australia, my professors and my textbooks only use Australian examples to talk about key principles and theories of marketing. So most of the time I don’t know what my professor or my book is talking about until I use Google, my best friend for the semester!

On the bright side, I chose Television, Lifestyle, and Consumer Culture as my “fun” class while abroad, and there they talk about about American television and Netflix, which I conveniently know A LOT about, so no worries there!  🙂

Aside from not understanding the culture references in my marketing courses, I have noticed at there is definitely more independence when it comes to your studies here. Most, if not all, classes only meet once a week, with a corresponding tutorial (known as a discussions back at UC Merced) or a lab.

I am not use to so much free time, and in a cool new city, it’s difficult to not get distracted!

Wish me luck this semester!




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