The Best Way to Eat a TimTam

I have probably eaten about 6 boxes of TimTams since arriving in Melbourne. When I tell people about my TimTam addiction, they respond: “Have you had a TimTam Slam yet?!”

I had not…until today.

If you don’t know what at TimTam is, they are the addictive little chocolate cookies sold in Australia that are one of the 2 main ingredients needed for a TimTam Slam.

Original TimTams

You also need Milo, which is a malt hot chocolate powder apparently sold everywhere in the world except the United States,  warm in a nice short mug.

Milo chocolate mix in its famous green container!

Then, all you do is bite off both ends of a TimTam and use the cookie as a straw for the Milo, then quickly eat the cookie before it melts.

It seems so simple, but trust me, it really is the BEST way to eat a TimTam!

I’m so glad during my time here I got to try the oh-so-famous TimTam Slam. It is definitely something to experience and try while in Australia.

If you love chocolate as much as I do, you’ll be sad they don’t have TimTams and Milo in the States.




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