Melbourne Coffee

It’s weird being in another country because even a simple stop at a coffee shop amazes/confuses me.

I’ve noticed that the menus are much smaller than the ones back home. You basically have only 6 options to choose from:

Black, flat white, cappuccino, mocha, latte, and chai tea latte.

On top of the small menu, they also have really small portions of coffee too!

When asked what size I would like the options were regular and large, and it turns out the a regular coffee here is about half the cup of a “tall” cup of coffee at Starbucks. The “large” was the size of a grande or medium American cup of coffee — confusing.

My Baby Cup of Coffee (Computer for scale) lol

I was confused by the portions but I was surprised about the taste. My coffee was bitter but for some reason it tasted really good! Since I didn’t mind the taste, I am thinking this was my first time having a really good cup of coffee — amazing!

I guess Melbourne is also known for having really good coffee, and the size was perfectly fine. I guess we really do have larger portions in the U.S. I’m finding out something new every day here!

What will I find next?! *Takes another sip of coffee*





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