Hello! I am Salvador.


Hey y’all! My name is Salvador Tinoco, a fifth year psychology major at University of California, Merced. I will be studying abroad in the United Kingdom this fall and I am very excited to share it all with you.

Who would have thought I would be studying abroad? Just getting to college was hard for me, specially being first-generation and an AB 540 (undocumented). I almost didn’t get to attend a four year university due to not being eligible for financial aid. Fortunately, UC Merced was one of the first campuses to offer financial aid to undocumented students before the Dream Act bill went into effect. Fast forward and exactly four years ago today I was moving into the dorms for my first year at UC Merced.

Though everyone knows life is not easy, after three semesters of the wrong major (for me) at UC Merced, I was dismissed. “So what do I do now?” I asked myself. After meditating on that I realized college was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I wanted to come back! After one year attending a community college I found myself reinstating into UC Merced with a new major and a desire to really learn and grow. I now fully use the resources that UC Merced has to offer to assure my success. If it wasn’t for this experience, I would not be where I am now.

Now… going into my fifth year of college, I am studying abroad. I had always wanted to study abroad and now I decided to make it happen. This fall I will be studying in London, England with other students from across the UC System. This will be a totally new experience; it will even be my first time on an airplane! With a lot of excitement and a bit of nervousness, I departed on Monday Aug 22nd.

I look forward to sharing my experience abroad with you!





4 thoughts on “Hello! I am Salvador.

  1. Congratulations to you and all of your efforts, as an ab540 student I’m glad you’re back in school and took back you success.


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