A Moment of Realisation

I’m back home from Sydney! Not home-home, but Melbourne-home. 🙂

My friends and I spent the weekend visiting art museums, a wildlife sanctuary, Bondi Beach, riding ferries, and taking pictures of everything so I could show my parents when I go back home.

Oh, and of course I had to stop by the Opera House. 🙂

Up until that point, I just felt like I was going to school in a big city. But when I finally saw the Opera House, that moment reassured me that I was  definitely not in California anymore.

I went from never stepping outside of California, all the way to Sydney. It was such a ‘wow’ moment.

I wish I could describe the feeling  and the moment better.  It was just something I had seen pictures of, and wanted to see for myself for so long that finally seeing it was just a really cool moment for me.

It’s an amazing feeling to finally see something for the first time.






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