School work

Ever since I got here, I feel like I’ve been on a long-term vacation. I didn’t attend summer school, so I had all summer to work, relax, and prepare for my travels. When I arrived in London, I returned to the mentality of school. School was on my mind because I know myself and I can easily … More School work

Spring Break! 

It’s fall semester and I’m ready for Spring Break, and lucky for me, it has arrived! Because Australia is on the Southern Hemisphere and the United States in on the Northern, the seasons are flipped. Which means, I have arrived in Australia during their spring semester. So for the week I will be taking my … More Spring Break! 


The good thing about London is that it’s surrounded by country side and beautiful cities. One of those cities is Bath, which is about 100 miles away from London. It’s a beautiful city with beautiful people and cheap food. On our way there, we stopped at Avebury. Avebury wasn’t that fun, but we saw interesting rocks that … More Bath

Takeover Tuesday!

This Tuesday I took over Rufus Bobcat’s Snapchat (Rufus is UC Merced’s mascot) to show followers what study abroad life is like. So I took them with me during my day wandering around Melbourne -ranked the most livable city in Australia four years in a row! (The locals really love to say that). Beginning at 9 … More Takeover Tuesday!

London Street Art

Well London has blown me away by it’s architecture. The old buildings, new buildings, it’s skyscrapers.. everything about it, is just beautiful. One thing that has stood out to me more recently though is the street art. Since I live in central London and many buildings here are old and more luxurious, you tend not to see … More London Street Art