Life is an Adventure, Take Risks!

It had been five days since I arrived in London, and already I was leaving London to Leeds for the Leeds music festival. What started out as an idea at the flight terminal before leaving the States, became reality after careful planning.

So who arrives at a completely new and different city and leaves to another city without being fully immersed into the first one? This guy! And somehow I also convinced my travel partner, Norma, to come with me! Though we were not ready for what was to come.

However, after booking coach (bus) tickets and an Airbnb, we were ready to go to another city in the northern UK.

Sunday the 28th of August, we woke up early to take the tube (subway) to our coach station. We rode the coach for what seemed like a really long time. When we finally arrived at Leeds we took a shuttle to the festival.

Side note, people in London told us that the weather in the UK is pretty unpredictable and harsh at times. However we didn’t believe that because of being spoiled by weirdly sunny London.

When we arrived at the festival, we were greeted with what seemed to be a flood of mud! I guess the last few days there was heavy rain in Leeds and because of so many people walking through the festival, the grass became mush and mud. We suffered the tromp through the mud, making getting from place to place a real struggle! But when we got to the main stage and got to see my favorite band (Red Hot Chili Peppers), it all seemed worth it.


The show from the Red Hot Chili Peppers is something I will never forget. It made me feel emotions that I couldn’t feel just through earphones. However, what I am trying to tell you is not really about the show, or the struggles through the mud, but really the idea of risk and the results.

Life may throw new situations at you and the best thing you can do is tackle them. Just as I was facing the unknown when I decided to attend college, or even studying abroad, you need to take the risk and go through with it. If UC Merced has thought me one thing, it is definitely this. Life is an adventure and it is our choice to make what we want of it.



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