Royalty Preserved!

After a long first week of classes, we started our weekend with a visit to the Hampton Court Palace!

This ancient palace has been around since the 1500s and is quite something for being located in greater London. The best part of being in London is definitely the efficient public transportation. In this day, it is better not to own a car whilst in central London.

After being in London for a little over a week now, I quickly observed that they have a far more advanced public transportation system than the States; people walk almost everywhere. So after a 30 min train ride I was out of central London and down the street from the palace.

It is truly impressive how well preserved the royal spaces have been kept. They hold so much history of the lives of royal families.

tainted window

However, what I enjoyed the most was the amazing gardens this palace had. They were beautiful, with many colors and water fountains. I think it is nice to get out of the busy city and see a bit of the more calm and serene parts of London. After all, everything is so conveniently close through public transportation.

Garden 2

Garden 1

Long live all the palaces!




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