Want to know what’s wild?


A kangaroo in Australia is as common as a fox or bobcat is in the US.

While Melbourne and Sydney don’t necessarily have kangaroos jumping around in the streets, Sydney does have a sanctuary o the outskirts of the city.

Here I got up close and personal with the most adorable wildlife that call Australia home.

Wombats, Tasmanian devils (yes, they really do exist!), dingos, the happiest animals in the world – quokkas, and  of course koalas and kangaroos!

As you can tell by my face, it was an exciting time! You can’t go to Australia and not go and  see the wildlife!

Petting a kangaroo was definitely on my Australia bucket list and I can’t wait to check off more things on that list.

Next on the list? 12 Apollos! And it will happen!

Cheers, mate!


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