Hidden Gem: Borough Market, London

Everywhere I go, whether it be by foot or by taking the Underground (also known as the Tube), this city has not disappointed me.Luckily, I have Fridays off to travel and explore the city. One thing I’ve made a habit of is picking a random Underground stop, get off there and explore the surrounding area.


This Friday, I decided to take the Tube to the London Bridge exit and explore the South Bank. This part of the city felt a lot more urban. While most of London is urban since it’s a huge city, this part was different. It had hundreds of people walking everywhere, traffic, many Tube stations, newer buildings, and the beautiful Shard (the tallest building in London).

Down the street from the Shard I found a hidden gem: the Borough Market. I assumed the Borough Market would be like any other farmers market in the States. I expected some fresh fruits and a few food vendors, but boy was I wrong!

thumbnail_borough market.jpg

London is one of the biggest melting pots in the world; when it comes to cultures and races, the Borough Market does a perfect job of showcasing the city’s diversity. You can find almost everything at this market (it’s even open Monday-Saturday!), but one thing you don’t want to miss is the fresh cheese! I found Colombian, Thai, Italian, Cape Verdean, and French cheese…and the list could go on! You would think that since it’s all foreign it would be expensive, but everything was relatively cheap. Trust me, as a student I like cheap!

I bought myself some Pad Thai and Colombian iced coffee , and I just sat there for an hour watching everyone around me. I saw people from different places buying their groceries for the day, or having lunch with their significant others and enjoying the market. I was amazed at how a simple market caught my attention.

I know I will return to the Borough Market again, just so I can enjoy it more before I leave!



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