Labor Day there, regular day here

As Americans were preparing for a day off, a BBQ with the family, or social gatherings with friends for Labor Day, I was preparing for bed (we are 8 hours apart).

I didn’t realize how much I was missing friends and family, until Labor Day came around. I’ve been so busy, and although I keep in contact with my family and friends on the daily, I realized that I haven’t seen them for three weeks.

Before college, I would spend Labor Day BBQ’ing with my family at a lake near my house. When I went to college, Labor Day just became a day where I would hang out with my brothers, talk about whatever we wanted too, and just listened to music. I didn’t have the opportunity to do that this year since Labor Day isn’t considered a holiday here in the U.K.

I’m enjoying my time here, but I feel homesick. I’m missing the comfort of knowing where everything is, the comfort of my mom, and my close friends being nearby. Since I arrived here, all I’ve been thinking about was what I wanted to do and where I wanted to visit before December; but for the first time, it seems as though December can’t come soon enough for me. All I want is to see my mom. After talking to a few friends and my mom, it reminded me of how lucky I am to be living in this majestic city.

So, while I’m missing home, I’m enjoying this beautiful city that I get to call home right now. Once December comes, I’ll be back in the States, and I wont be returning to the U.K. anytime soon.


How did you spend your Labor Day weekend?


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