Heat Wave, Week 3

London, London, London…A beautiful city that constantly has unexpected weather. I always assumed that it’d be rainy and cold here year-round, and according to the locals that’s how it should be right now. I guess I’m lucky, but also not so lucky, with this situation. Since I’ve arrived, London has been going through a heat wave for three straight weeks now, and now heading into a fourth week.

While I’ve been more than happy to enjoy the London sun, I didn’t prepare for this unusually hot weather. The clothes I brought with me mainly consists of  pants, flannels, and sweaters. To make matters worse most buildings (including my flat) don’t have air conditioning. My study abroad program coordinator even made a comment about the heat wave and said, “if it continues on for another week or so, London might have to call a state of emergency for it.” Of course she was joking, but it’s crazy how in California the sun is something we’re so used to and love. In London, they get some sunlight for a few days out of the year and that’s enough for them. Three whole weeks of sun seems way too long for them (and for me).

All the locals I’ve spoken too are telling me to enjoy it because fall/winter here is nothing compared to how we get it in the States. So for now I’m enjoying the weather by walking around and exploring the city before it gets cold and wet. One good thing that comes with the warmer weather, is the beautiful sunsets!.

Californians, do me a favor and enjoy the sun!




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