London Street Art

Well London has blown me away by it’s architecture. The old buildings, new buildings, it’s skyscrapers.. everything about it, is just beautiful. One thing that has stood out to me more recently though is the street art. Since I live in central London and many buildings here are old and more luxurious, you tend not to see street art that much; but in other neighbors it is everywhere!

I feel like street art plays a huge part in the history of London. It is beautiful, and the street artist are talented. Take the street artist Banksy for instance, he is from London and one of the world’s most popular and anonymous street artist. His work is amazing. I recently went over to a neighborhood called Shoreditch, a bit more hipster and urban than my side of town but I loved it.

I saw so many skate parks, hipsters, boutiques, restaurants, and of course, street art. The art just blew me away, especially at this skate park I bumped into. It was an under ground skate park with pillars, filled with as people and even more full of street art. The guys who were skating there were so chill, and even told me about some of the artists who did the work in the park.


Another type of street art that I’ve noticed is stickers! Stickers are everywhere in this city: light posts, newspaper stands, on the ground, and even walls. Many people create these stickers and put them up to show people either a certain movement or just a design they’re coming up with. I love how people here express themselves in numerous ways, street art being one of them. It gives the city character and definitely makes me feel at home!


Until next time,



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