The good thing about London is that it’s surrounded by country side and beautiful cities. One of those cities is Bath, which is about 100 miles away from London. It’s a beautiful city with beautiful people and cheap food.

On our way there, we stopped at Avebury. Avebury wasn’t that fun, but we saw interesting rocks that resemble Stonehenge, except they were a little smaller. Even though it’s a town with around 100 people, it’s still a fairly popular destination. I also can’t forget to mention all the goat poop everywhere. When I look back and think of Avebury, I think of the dogs I saw there and how friendly they were.


After that we made our way to Bath, England. It’s a medium sized city, and it’s really close to Bristol. I’ve never been to Rome, but this definitely felt like Rome to me. I mean, technically, the Romans were the ones who founded the United Kingdom.

The architecture was beautiful. It was so romantic and the people were amazing. The food was tasty and very inexpensive. The trip also came with a free visit to the Roman Baths, except you can’t get in them since the water is very old and not clean.


They also had different exhibits that have been there for years. There was an old church right next to it, and it had a very gothic vibe. I didn’t think I would get so happy to see hills! London is very flat and seeing those hills reminded me of the Bay Area, which excited me. Overall it was a beautiful trip with amazing people. Here’s to the first of many trips I’ll be taking!

DSC_9362.JPGCheers my friends!

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