School work

Ever since I got here, I feel like I’ve been on a long-term vacation. I didn’t attend summer school, so I had all summer to work, relax, and prepare for my travels. When I arrived in London, I returned to the mentality of school. School was on my mind because I know myself and I can easily get distracted. Especially since I’m in a foreign country where it’s even easier to get distracted where there is so much to do.  And sadly that mentality of focusing on school has wore off and I have been distracted lately.

My week here consists of one class a day, Monday-Thursday, BUT they are 3 hours each class. While we don’t have any physical homework to do in many classes, we do have a lot of readings each week.

On the bright side, in October we get a 10 day break from classes to travel and do whatever we please, but of course before any break means a ton of work to be done.


This week I’ve been swamped with work. In just one week I had two papers due and a presentation, the following week I have another presentation due and a take home midterm exam. Then the week after that I have another paper due.

While I’ve been attending classes, doing my readings, and understanding the subjects, for some reason I have found it difficult to sit down and do these papers and presentations. Maybe because I rather be out exploring the city; but yet again I have to remind myself, it’s called STUDYING abroad for a reason.

It will definitely pay off and after all of this is done, I luckily get a break where I’ll be traveling to other countries and major cities! So be on the look out for posts about those adventures coming soon!



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