History-Rich and Beautiful Sights

One of the many things England has to offer is places that are rich in history. Everywhere you go you can find a great story. This past week I visited Avebury and Bath. Avebury is a beautiful countryside town.

Here they display a large ring of rocks or also know as henge that served ritual purposes for early pagans. The small town of Avebury is located around the henge and it has old shops, houses and even a public house.


On that same day I made my way to Bath, a beautiful city with classical architecture that is popular for its natural hot springs. The Roman Baths were a place to for the Romans to relax, and they are found right in the middle of the city of Bath. The Roman Baths were full of Roman architecture and decorated with amazing statues of Roman officials. These baths have been preserved and are now a great point of interest for tourists.



I am excited for what else is to come, I know that I will learn a lot from all these beautiful ancient cities and landmarks.



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